Carolina Fall

Carolina Fall
By Ellie Grace

I cling to the last golden days of this Carolina fall
The trees, nearly bare, still bravely standing tall
I fall to my knees in the fiery leaves that have gone
Oh, and I pray for all that remains, crying hold on hold on

Let it go like the river
You can’t stop it now
Let it go like the wind
Cause it’s leaving anyhow
Let it go like the morning
Moving into night
Let it go like the darkness
Turning toward the light
Ooohhh oooohh

There was frost on the ground when I woke to this day
A promise of the winter that would soon be on its way
A fading of the sunlight that was warm upon my face
And a hint of the bitter cold that has come to take its place

The cold in the air chills me to the bone
The warmth around me gone, now I am alone
I long to know what this aching season will bring
I pull the blankets tight to my body and wait for the spring

© Ellie Grace Music, BMI

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