By Ellie Grace

You are on the other side
A wall between us stands
So you will never see these eyes  
Or touch these trembling hands

You place the arrow on the bow
Pull back the poisoned string
You blindly shoot your words of hate
And we all will feel the sting

How do we cross the great divide?
How do we understand?
Why can’t we let the winds erase
These lines drawn in the sand?
These lines drawn in the sand

You think that you can stand alone
And play these violent games
But if the fire burns strong enough
We’re all going up in flames

You think that you can bring the storm
To make the others pay
But if the rain falls hard enough
We’ll all be washed away

You close your mind and shut your eyes
And never see our pain
Though we may be the ones who bleed
Your hands will have the stain

 © Ellie Grace Music, BMI

Ellie Grace

Progressive Roots Music & Electrifying Percussive Dance



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