Little Star

Little Star
By Ellie Grace

Golden in the sunlight and quiet all around
Scattered in the leaves, little stars on the ground
Must have fallen from the sky in the deep of the night
On this cold November day, little stars shining bright

Little star, bring her home to me
Little star, I am begging you please
Little star, I’ll get down on my knees
Oh little star won’t you bring her back to me

You were lost from your home and carried by a breeze
From Cassiopeia and through the Pleiades
Past the belt of Orion and then falling through the blue
Little star, little star, can I make a wish on you?

I hold you in my hands, feel your edges start to curl
Little stars were not made to live in this world
No more walking to the well with my pennies in a jar
I put them down and make a wish on my little fallen star

© Ellie Grace Music, BMI

Ellie Grace

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