Right Now

Right Now
By Ellie Grace

It’s gonna get better, that’s what they say
It’s gonna get easier, it’s gonna be okay
Just give it some time now and give it some space
Just keep holdin’ on, waiting for your moment of grace

But right now, right now, right now it’s so damn hard
It takes me and breaks me and tears me all apart
And I don’t get to leave this place in time
I don’t get to run away and go
Oh right now is hard and right now is all I know

You’ve got to be strong now, that’s what I hear
Get up every morning and face all the fear
The harder you work, they say, and the braver you are
If you just keep goin’, someday you’re gonna get real far

How many more lifetimes, how many more days
How many more moments do I have to live this way
They say just keep fighting and soon the morning will come
When you can let go, when the pain will just come undone

© Ellie Grace Music, BMI

Ellie Grace

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