By Ellie Grace

Life is hard, it breaks you down
‘Til you can barely catch your breath, trying not to drown
Your heart is getting heavier, it’s hard to push on
You begin to wonder if the fight in you is gone
Is gone, oh is gone

But somewhere in the darkness you will feel a spark ignite
Your heart will fill up with fire, it won’t give up the fight
And you will feel your muscles burning as you’re pushing toward the light
You’ll break the surface of the water and fill your lungs with air
I know you have it in you, I’ll be waiting for you there

You are tossed and turned and twisted around
‘Til you cannot remember which way’s up and which way’s down
You are slowly sinking deeper in the blue
The silence and the stillness are overtaking you
Overtaking you

You hear the quiet echoes of a song that you once knew
But it’s so hard to remember as the water swallows you
Pulls you down deeper than you have ever been
Where it’s so hard to believe you’ll ever hear that song again
Again, oh again

 © Ellie Grace Music, BMI

Ellie Grace

Progressive Roots Music & Electrifying Percussive Dance


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