By Ellie Grace

Get up in the morning, tell me what can you do
To keep on moving forward after all that you’ve been through
You kept that broken heart of yours beating through the night
So get up in the morning and get ready for the fight

Get up, my sister
Rise up, my brother
Stand up all my neighbors and
Hold up what you love

Rise up from your troubles and face another day
I know your path is rough and rocky, but you’ll slowly find your way
To a place a little clearer, to a heart open wide
Rise up from your troubles and see what’s on the other side

Stand up when you stumble and the world has knocked you down
See the hands reaching for you, to pull you back around
To the ground that is steady, to the road that leads you home
Stand up when you stumble, know that you are not alone

Hold up what you love for it is what will carry you
Over windy and wild waters, it will keep your compass true
In the night be your north star, in the day be your sun
Hold up what you love until the long journey’s done

 © Ellie Grace Music, BMI

Ellie Grace

Progressive Roots Music & Electrifying Percussive Dance



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